• Mon – Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm
  • Goals

    1. Render advice to the Government relating to the establishment of public or statutory corporation and vesting of any business or property in those organizations;
    2. Review the financial performance of PISC’s with a view to recommending measures aimed at amalgamation, re- organization, disestablishment or improvement of their performance;
    3. Set financial target and other performance criteria to be pursued by any PISC;
    4. Evaluate from time to time the performance and effectiveness of the Board or Management of PISC’s in order to ensure the proper and efficient utilization of resources of those corporations;
    5. Approve equity investment of Public Corporations in other Public Corporations or Company;
    6. Invest or dispose off investments in PISC’s;
    7. Supervise the Public Investment Fund;
    8. Ensure that every PISC’s enters into performance contract with Office of the Treasury Registrar immediately after the appointment of the governing body;
    9. Monitor and evaluate training programme in PISC’s;
    10. Direct or approve the adoption, application or amendment of financial regulations so as to ensure the proper accounting of the income and expenditure of PISC’s;
    11. Examine and approve organization and salaries structure, schemes of service, and incentive package of PISC’s;
    12. Monitor capital grants, subsidy, capital funds, reserves or retained earnings earned by PISC’s and any other PISC’s and any other public investments;
    13. Consider, recommend or approve corporate and annual plans of PISC’s;
    14. Monitor and evaluate performance of PISC’s; and
    15. Make follow-up and ensure dividend, remittance and loans from PISC’s are paid when are due.