1. Conflicting provisions of some of the Legislations of PISC's which hinder OTR to execute its functions efficiently
  2. Capacity of OTR to supervise PISC’s (Number of Staff, Skills and Tools);
  3. Lack of institutional accountability in some of PISC’s;
  4. Delays in decision making within the Government;
  5. Insufficient financial resources for meeting operational requirements;
  6. Increasing Debt burden to Government Guarantees to PISC’s;
  7. Absence of a policy on governing PISC’s;
  8. Inadequate Communication and Co-ordination between and across sectors;
  9. Unpredictable revenue collections;
  10. Litigations arising from the course of debt collection from PISC’s; 
  11. Non Involvement of OTR in voluntary agreements and Incentive packages which is formed between management and workers in PISC’s;
  12. Inadequacy of TR Acts in supervision of PISC’s;
  13. HIV/AIDS.